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Veena Sanjay | Expert Career Counsellor,...

10th of August 2020 | 0 Likes


Well , when we are sick we go to a doctor when we want to learn a new skill we go to a specialist trainer . But when we need to take the most important decision of our life that is choosing a Career, which leads to our job which we spend 30% of our life time on, then isn t it necessary to Consult or consider a specialist opinion or advise before choosing a Right Career for you.

That s how important a Career Counselor is before taking Important Career decisions which could be choosing a Right course and college or considering the higher studies opinion or abroad studies Consultation.

Career coach  or counselor helps you decide which is best for you considering all possibilities of future career opportunities , your skills and abilities and what could be right for you. 

Shantilal Parmar

30th of April 2020 | 0 Likes


Students are parents are mostly worried to which stream to go further. Many times parents always wish their child to go with Science stream which is not at all interested by the child. In this case the student finds the life more difficult and burdensome.

Students also find difficulty in selecting the further education in context to employment opportunities and life balances.

Most of the students are also not aware of different scope of opportunities and educational institutions.   

In all these circumestances, a career counselor is the best platform where students and parents can easily get all the support and guidance. Through career counselor, students and parents could make easily available informations and proper guidance in systematic way to select the right career path and make the life more happy and interesting.

Anupma Mehrotra | M.A., B.Ed., Post Grad. D...

22nd of May 2021 | 0 Likes


Career counselling help us to understand our strengths and weaknesses and then match them with our skills and interest  so that we can get the suitable career .It is beneficial for both short_ term and long-term success in professional life. Spending time with a career counsellor enables us to recognize the value as a professional. Career counsellor helps to understand the career options, that they have, and how to pursue them.

Atul Srivastava | MPhil, MSc, PGDHRM, PGD G...

27th of April 2020 | 1 Likes


Charting a career path in present day scenario has become a challenging exercise. Gone are the days when Medical, Engineering or Civil services were the only options available to aspirants of a good career. Today diverse opportunities across a wide spectrum are available to choose from.More importantly there are scientific tools which  make individuals aware of their potential and help align their their career  paths.  However what is the reality?

Young minds at critical stage in career have often been found struggling making career choices. Directives from parents, peer pressure, lack of self awareness and at times unrealistic vision of desired  future life (which may be at cross purposes with personality, interest and skills) infuse high degree of confusion. All this is avoidable as experts are available who can empower individuals through facilitation to embark on potentially satisfying career path.

Seeking guidance when faced with such threats is obviously a logical options for aspirants of a successful career. Hence the need for career counsellors.

Career counselling helps students discover their true potential and interest in various subjects.Friends and family can very often provide incorrect guidance because their parameters of judging a career choice might differ.A counsellor is objective while giving guidance,with no considerations other than aptitude and interest.

Choosing a field of study that is not really suited to your interests or skills could prove disastrous.And that s where a career counsellor comes in.